A relationship in harmony is like the mountains and the valley’s, the river’s and the sky working together

Marriage Coaching

We believe that marriage is one of the greatest gifts life offers.  However, we also know that when things get off track it can be one of the most painful experiences to go through, especially if you are attempting to navigate it on your own.  No matter where you are in your relationship, what has happened  or what challenges you are facing, marriage coaching is a proven effective way to get through your challenges significantly faster so you can end the suffering and get back to having the love, respect, intimacy, support, passion and connection that you desire. 

Business coaching

Discover for yourself why top executives are now saying that having a business coach is one of the most essential resources they count on to help them stay on top of the game.  Anyone looking to consistently measure their personal key performance indicators, and gain expanded levels of accountability, measurement, and perspective that are needed to take things to the next level.

Personal Coaching

Individual Coaching is a great option for anyone who is wanting to grow as a person.  It provides you with regular focus on your goals and consistent accountability for the action steps towards attaining those goals. Having additional outside perspective and feedback helps you receive MAXIMUM progress towards reaching the next level of your life.

About Us

Alonzo and Rebecca have traveled the road and built the understanding of human psychology, human behavior and have personal experiences with human relationships, they also understand first hand the different challenges that come up in marriages. This combination of skills illuminates why they are so effective at helping people work through their various struggles to not only save their relationships but learn how to actually create the type of marriage that most people only dream are possible.

Experience You Can Trust

There are two types



All too often, people who are uncertain about what to do in a situation will turn to anyone selling a program, without first asking the question “Is this person already getting the results that I want in their own life, or is this something that they just have “textbook” knowledge of? Just about anyone could can “tell” you what to do to have the life/relationship you want, but how many people are actually “doing it”?

How many people are living the life that they desire, or have the kind of relationship you dream about? Think about it, you would never hire a fitness coach who wasn’t already getting the results themselves. The same should be true for your coach. Find someone who is already creating the kind of success that you want in their own life and for others.

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Client Reviews

Wherever you are in your relationship, Alonzo and Rebecca can help. The coaching they offer is sincere, straightforward, and most importantly, effective. Our family has made great strides in the brief time we have been receiving their advice. We also feel, because of them, we have the tools to handle whatever family or relationship challenges come our way. We can’t thank you enough, Alonzo and Rebecca, for your loving guidance and support.”
Erlinda Cunanan


If you are feeling like you aren’t getting the results you want in your life coaching with Rebecca Cahoon is work every penny! Don’t look back, move forward and call her. You won’t regret it!!!!!!!!!”
– a.y. Utah
Alonzo and Rebecca are 100% without a doubt the best people you could trust to help you get the results you’re seeking!! If you’re seeking answers and want to create a truly fulfilling life and a magnetic relationship then do yourself a favour and find out more because this will literally change your life in more ways than you could imagine! The impact and unbelievable growth and change they had on my life in such a short time was truly incredible. I’m beyond grateful. Thank you.”
– Kate London

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