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We believe personal development is just that,


Complexity is the enemy of execution and execution is the rarest activity on the planet.  The biggest challenge that most people have in personal development is they attempt to eat the whole elephant at once instead of breaking it down into small bite-sized pieces on a daily basis.

It would be like attempting to get in shape in 9 hours or maybe even a 147.  You do the ordinary things on a daily basis you have extraordinary results.  Just like going to the gym and working out if you go to the gym and work out for 20 minutes to an hour every day consistently, I don’t know exactly how many days but somewhere between where you start and 1 year your body will start conforming! However, most people give up in the first 3 months because they go home and they look in the mirror and they see the same person and so they stop doing the things that would change their life.


To many, Alonzo is considered a Master the field of personal development and human relationships. He is a marriage/relationship turnaround expert and one on one personal coach. He has worked with some of our nation’s top leaders as well as celebrities, individuals, business owners and executives all around the world to help them achieve results in their lives and in their marriages. His Relationship Turn around program and his 30/50 Day Personal Development Intensives have been highly acclaimed for changing the lives and relationships of countless individuals Internationally.


Rebecca Cahoon is highly acclaimed in the field of Marriage Relationships and Women’s Personal Development. She is an author, business woman, and exclusive coach. She is a Master Certified Neurostrategist with over a decade of working with women to help them create the lives that they desire. Rebecca’s extensive expertise in marriage relationships, women’s confidence/identity, and personal development have helped women all over the world overcome various struggles to find the true joy, beauty, magic, passion, purpose and fulfillment in their lives.