It is often said that when it comes to seeking help in any area of your life, you only want to look to those who already have the type of success that it is that you want.

Think about it, would you ever hire a personal trainer to help you lose weight if they themselves were not able to create the result you are looking for?  Or would you ever hire a financial advisor if they themselves were not getting the type of results you are seeking?

All too often, people who are uncertain about what to do in a situation will turn to anyone offering advice, without first asking the question “Is this person already getting the results that I want in their own life, or is this something that they just have “textbook” knowledge of?

In the coaching world, we refer to this as having “head knowledge” or “street knowledge” of the material that they are teaching.  If you were going to start a business would you rather learn from someone who has “book knowledge” of what it takes to operate a business or from someone who has actually done it themselves and is currently successfully doing it?

In our own coaching practice we often tell people that when it comes to hiring a professional in this area, there are really only two people you want to consider listening to:  either those who already have the type of amazing relationship that you want and have been doing it successfully for years, or those who have the practical experience of having been where you are and have successfully dug themselves out and now HAVE the success you are looking for and are continuing to sustain that success for several years.

One of biggest factors that set both Alonzo and Rebecca apart from many of the other relationship experts or programs out there is that they carry both some of the best “head knowledge” and/or training in the industry as well as the hands-on / street knowledge of what it takes to turn a struggling relationship on the verge of divorce around and not only save your marriage, they have learned what it takes to create a truly spectacular one.

Alonzo and Rebecca are experts in understanding human psychology, human behavior, and human relationships, and they also understand first hand the different challenges that come up in marriages.  This combination of skills illuminates why they are so effective at helping people work through their various struggles to not only save their relationships but learn how to actually create the type of marriage that most people only dream are possible.

We often tell our interested clients  “Simply give us 1% of your trust and confidence, and we will EARN the other 99%”


When Alonzo and Rebecca are not coaching, chances are quite high that you will find them together somewhere in the world experiencing all that life has to offer as a family.   Together, they enjoy traveling, adventuring, learning, contributing and creating as many magic moments as possible.

Alonzo Cahoon

To many, Alonzo is considered a Master the field of personal development and human relationships. He is a marriage/relationship turn around expert and one on one personal coach. He works with individuals, business owners, and executives all around the world to help them achieve results in their lives and in their marriages.   Both his 46 Day Relationship Turn around a program and his 30/50 Day Personal Development Intensives have been highly acclaimed for changing the lives and relationships of countless individuals Internationally.

Rebecca Cahoon

Rebecca Cahoon is highly acclaimed in the field of Marriage Relationships and Women’s Personal Development.  She is an author, businesswoman, and exclusive coach.  She is a Master Certified Neurostrategist with over a decade of working with women to help them create the lives that they desire.  Rebecca’s extensive expertise in marriage relationships, women’s confidence/identity, and personal development have helped women all over the world overcome various struggles to find the true joy, beauty, magic, passion, purpose, and fulfillment in their lives.

What Our Clients Say

Since I’ve known Alonzo he has been a huge inspiration to me. This man will not ask you do anything that he is not willing to do with you. His intentions are pure, he lives his life based on the wisdom that he teaches, and he is very passionate about his convictions. This world is full of information but very little wisdom. That is where Alonzo separates himself from anyone else because he teaches you wisdom, then teaches you when, where, and how to wisely apply the learnings. He will help you to look inside yourself for that place in you that is unbreakable and help you to pull it out. I started the process of taking my relationship to the gym to help in my marriage but what I came to find is that every relationship that I have has been positively impacted by it. To put it in as simple terms as I can my life, my marriage, my family, and my business will be forever positively impacted because of this mountain of a man who chooses to get up every morning and take his relationship to the gym. I thank God every day that he loved his Wife enough to create this program for himself and for his marriage. I also thank God that he decided to allow the rest of us to share in the success he has enjoyed.

J. M. – Alabama, USA

Working with Rebecca has transformed my relationship with my spouse. It has shone a light on so many ways I can be better in my marriage and even in my other relationships. I knew there was work to do, and my past efforts hadn’t gotten much results. When we talk, it seems like she’s able to sum it all up and spin it back in a truly meaningful way. Rebecca has the incredible talent of showing deep compassion without getting caught up in the story and this enables her to be a truly effective coach. Nothing gets past her and she keeps moving forward with ease and comfort so that sometimes I don’t even realize that I’m taking a different stance on a subject. My marriage is better now, and my confidence in myself is higher. The 40-day program is intense and I really had to be committed. The content of the program progresses smoothly and at the end of 40 days I believe I have more tools than I started with, a greater appreciation of my own talents, a stronger commitment to my marriage, and a far deeper trust and understanding of my spouse. If you put in the time and energy to this program, you can’t help but come away with many gifts. Learning, growth, emotion, femininity, connectedness… it’s all in this program. I’m so thankful that I made this commitment to myself.

Pauline F. Seattle, WA - USA

“Thank you Alonzo and Rebecca for putting on such a power packed week. The education was powerful the experiences that went along with the education were invaluable. I knew happily ever after was possible and fairytales can come true. Thanks for sharing the manual on how to get there.”

B. – Nebraska

“ If you are feeling like you aren’t getting the results you want in your life, coaching with Rebecca Cahoon is worth Every Penny!!!!! Don’t look back, move forward and call her. You won’t regret it!!!!!!!!”

Y. – Utah

 I’ve come across several+ guys this week that have said I’m working on my marriage…., I’m trying to win her back. I get that, we’ve all had struggles. I know a guy that has figured out the solution. He is happy to share it, he has shared it with my husband and after 19 years of marriage I am more in love than ever!! I didn’t know this kind of relationship was possible.”

B.- Nebraska