Alonzo Cahoon

Alonzo Cahoon

To many, Alonzo is considered a Master the field of personal development and human relationships. He is a marriage/relationship turn around expert and one on one personal coach. He has worked with some of our nation’s top leaders as well as celebrities, individuals, business owners and executives all around the world to help them achieve results in their lives and in their marriages. His Relationship Turn around program and his 30/50 Day Personal Development Intensives have been highly acclaimed for changing the lives and relationships of countless individuals Internationally.

Rebecca Cahoon


Rebecca Cahoon is highly acclaimed in the field of Marriage Relationships and Women’s Personal Development. She is an author, business woman, and exclusive coach. She is a Master Certified Neurostrategist with over a decade of working with women to help them create the lives that they desire. Rebecca’s extensive expertise in marriage relationships, women’s confidence/identity, and personal development have helped women all over the world overcome various struggles to find the true joy, beauty, magic, passion, purpose and fulfillment in their lives.

What to look for in a coach?


All too often, people who are uncertain about what to do in a situation will turn to anyone selling a program, without first asking the question “Is this person already getting the results that I want in their own life, or is this something that they just have “textbook” knowledge of? Just about anyone could can “tell” you what to do to have the life/relationship you want, but how many people are actually “doing it”? How many people are living the life that they desire, or have the kind of relationship you dream about? Think about it, you would never hire a fitness coach who wasn’t already getting the results themselves. The same should be true for your coach. Find someone who is already creating the kind of success that you want in their own life and for others.

Creating a Spectacular Relationship

Alonzo and Rebecca


Alonzo and Rebecca are experts in understanding human psychology, human behavior, and human relationships, and they also understand first hand the different challenges that come up in marriages. This combination of skills illuminates why they are so effective at helping people work through their various struggles to not only save their relationships but learn how to actually create the type of marriage that most people only dream are possible.