How do I know if I married the right one?

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Throughout all of our time helping couples turn their marriages around the two questions that we hear the very most from people who first come to us are:  How do I know if I married the right one and how long do you try to make your marriage work before giving up? What’s useful about these two questions is that they open the door to [...]

How To Restore Gender Differences

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In the world we live in today, many women have become very proud of their ability to be “an independent woman”.  We have strived to achieve on our own, and climb our own ladders of success.  As women there is no doubt that we are very pleased at our accomplishments.  However, many women are finding that when we get to the end of the day [...]

Are you leaving the success of your marriage to CHANCE?

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Are you leaving the success of your marriage to CHANCE or do you have a VISION in place of what it will take to create and live your very own “Happily Ever After?” For a lot of people in relationships, getting married almost seems like the main goal or destination of the relationship.  You find the person that you adore, you date and then celebrate [...]

Foundational Principles for Creating Spectacular Relationships Series Learning to Think “we” not “me”

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“All suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their own happiness and satisfaction.” – Dalai Lama Today we live in a world that is largely focused on ourselves. We have the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod, which all revolve around “I”. This is a result of a society focused on ourselves rather than others. We are given [...]

The Foundational Principles for Creating Spectacular Relationships Series Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

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Having an attitude of gratitude is a basic fundamental principle for good mental health. It is not only important in your relationships, but in every area of your life. If you think about it, there is an opportunity to complain about almost anything in life. If you work outside of your home you can complain about the commute to work, the traffic, the crowds. If [...]

Creating SPECTACULAR Marriages in today’s world

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In our “Creating Spectacular Relationships” program, we walk our clients through 46 days of principles and activities that are designed specifically to teach people how to create truly amazing relationships.   And it doesn’t matter if you are in a good relationship or a struggling one, these principles and activities work regardless of whether our clients are in a relationship that is headed for divorce, or [...]

What Makes A Marriage Work?

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As a person who works in the relationship industry, it is quite common for marriage relationship articles to come up in my facebook thread.  They are from many of the various other relationships experts out there who are helping people who may in struggling at various stages of their marriages or relationships.  And, on days when I find that I have a bit of time, [...]

Making Marriage Work

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Let me first start off by saying that just typing the title of this blog post makes me cringe because, at this point in my life, there is no way that I would ever want to settle for just “making my marriage work”.  After having reached a point in my marriage where I get to experience and live a relationship that is not just great, [...]